[277] TEN reasons you love him/her.
clary and jace
277. TEN reasons you love him/her.

1. She has this nervous habit of tucking her hair behind her ear when she's nervous. She bites her lip in that way where she has no idea she's doing it and most of the time it's too hard.
2. She has no concept of how beautiful she is, one of those people who looks in the mirror and sees someone ordinary. She has no idea that she's beautiful, that she makes boys shake, that she fills their dreams. She has no idea that everyday she's even more beautiful and amazing than the day before.
3. She's strong and self-righteous and it's so fucking adorable on her I can't breathe.
4. She's stubborn. In a way that is so incredibly infuriating you want to scream at her for even considering being that stubborn. Her eyes get this look, determination. Even when she's wrong - utterly and completely wrong and can't think beyond her own selfish ideas? She sticks to what she believes in.
5. She will always do what she thinks is right. Always. It doesn't matter if she puts herself in danger, it doesn't matter if it's possibly the stupidest thing she's ever done; if she believes in it? ... She just ... has conviction.
6. She doesn't think things through; she goes with her gut and doesn't think about the consequences. I hate it about her - but ... somehow, it's part of why I love her too.
7. She will never truly understand what it takes to be in this world. Never. She'll always have that sense of ... the mundane. She'll never let go of that world and I'm glad. It gives her a sense of innocence that no one can truly touch. Valentine can't corrupt it and neither can Sebastian.
8. She's mine. She looks at me - she looks at me and she sees something that ... everyone wants to see but no one really does. She looks at me and she ... loves me. She doesn't love me because I'm beautiful. She doesn't love me because I'm an amazing Shadowhunter. She doesn't love me because I'm broken inside. She loves me ... because ... I'm Jace. She loves me because ... she loves me.
9. From the moment I laid eyes on her. The moment she yelled at me and looked at me with horror and outrage ... the moment she could see. She could see when she shouldn't have been able to? I was hers. I was lost. I didn't even know I'd been lost; I didn't know I needed to be found. I tried so hard not to feel for her what I felt but ... I was hers. So utterly and completely hers that there was absolutely nothing I could do to not be hers.
10. Clarissa Fairchild. She has beautiful green eyes, this red hair that frames her face. She's tiny and should be ineffectual - but she's ... literally everything. Everything.

Muse | Jace Lightwood
Fandom | The Mortal Instruments

TEN things about Jace Wayland-Morgenstern-Herondale-Lightwood
got demons to fight
TEN things about Jace Wayland-Morgenstern-Herondale-Lightwood

1. I am a Shadowhunter. If you need me to tell you what that is? You're not ready to know what it is.
2. I've got a few names now. I going by Lightwood but sometimes I wonder if I deserve that name. If I deserve the family that goes along with it.
3. I am taken; completely and utterly taken. Off the market. I don't care if you like admiring my mango's they belong to one very beautiful girl. Even if she decides she wants nothing to do with me? I am hers. Just hers. So even though I'm beautiful, amazing and every woman's fantasy - keep dreaming.
4. Yes. You should know, I was born this amazing.
5. The marks on my body are not tattoo's.
6. I have daddy issues. My daddy issues have daddy issues. You really don't want to start on my daddy issues - or any of my issues.
7. I am an only child. Thank god. I mean, I have siblings, they're my family - my whole family but I am not blood related to anyone ... actually anyone who is alive right now as far as I know. Alec and Isabel, they're my brother and sister. I grew up with them. They're family. But technically I'm an only child and really, you have no idea how great it is to know that.
8. I am the best Shadowhunter alive today. The best. And I may be vain, but that's true.
9. I used to think to love was to destroy. And sometimes, I'm sure it's still true. But somehow, I love anyway. Clary is ... everything.
10. I died. It sucked.

Muse | Jace (Wayland-Morgenstern-Herondale) Lightwood
Fandom | The Mortal Instruments


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